A Broad Abroad

The time has come for me to take my crazy to an international level.

Further explanation? Why yes, of course!

A few weeks ago I got home, pissed drunk in my usual demeanor, when I logged onto my computer and started chatting with strangers.   There I met Mark.  Mild mannered reporter? No.  Pharmacist with a twinkle in his eye? Yes.

Over the next few weeks, we bonded how friends bond, and he invited me to go to Europe with him on a previously planned trip he had in the works.  At first I said no, like any sane person, we barely know each other.  Then over a few weeks of talking, and his carefully construed whittling down of my resolve, I recognized that I am not any sane person.  I’m Kimberley goddammit, and I make these kinds of decisions all the time.

So off we will go!  In one week, we will go to Denmark, Holland,  France, and Belgium!

We’re going to have a travel blog, so that everyone can keep up on our shenanigans, and most of all, ensure that I don’t end up murdered without leaving clues to my latest whereabouts.

The movie Taken has given my friends gross things to imagine happening to me, but, being the ever bright-eyed optimist I always am, I have found silver linings to all possible scenarios that could go wrong.

Horrific Scenario: Get murdered

Bright-side:  Die in Europe! So much cooler than dying in the country of your birth.

Horrific Scenario:  Get sold into the sex slavery by either Mark, or a handsome stranger.

Bright-side: Finally have a job that I enjoy!  Nothing like going to work with a smile on your face.  Plus all the drugs they give you, don’t they know how much money they’d be saving me?  Suckaaaaaaas!!!!

Just another day at the office…

Horrific Scenario: Get scammed out of my money and left behind by my travel companion.

Bright-side: Hopefully he’ll do this in France, so at least I can be a bum in Paris.  Maybe I’d learn to draw, or sing!  All I’d need is a hat for change, and a strong upper body for tackling other hobos and stealing their Euros.

The first rule about BUMFIGHTCLUB…wash your fucking hands

So yep, that is what I’m going to be doing!  I will post the link to our Travel Blog as soon as we get that crap figured out.


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