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Fucking Big Brother

I know better than to get started on these ridiculous shows.  But I accidentally started to watch this season of  Big Brother and dammit I’m hooked. 

If any of you like, 7 people who keep checking my blog watch this show, then you’ll understand what I’m talking about, and for those of you who don’t watch the show, bless your hearts that you’ve managed to stay pure this summer. 


These 2 are the fucking anti-christ!

Rachel is a VIP cocktail waitress in Vegas, and a ‘Chemist’ in her down time.  So she says.   I’m willing to bet all of her research is on how to cure the multitude of STD’s she’s acquired between her nasty firecrotchy legs over the billions of years she’s been sexually active.  Fucking slut.

Brendan is a highschool swim coach with a master’s degree in physics or something.  He’s hot, ya, at first.  Then you start to factor in that he puts his P in her V and then his sizzle factor slides from a hopeful 9 down to an ashamed and distorted 1.5. 

Don’t think so?  Pull you head out of your ass!  Look at the way he cowers around, mumbling about his ‘feelings’ and trying to console his wretched scraggly girlfriend as she pouts and cries that no one likes her.    He’s got to be so dumb!  Of all the wagons to hitch your horse to…GAWD.

The only thing I can definitively say about Brendan is that he must love horror films and being terrified, cause that’s the only reason I could ever think of as to why he chooses to wake up to that zitty, screechy, pre-op tranny fucking mess on a daily basis.  (Shudder) (Shuddering again)

Oooooh I hate Rachel so much, she looks like   Gosalyn from Darkwing Duck. But obviously not nearly as cute and not as good at fighting crime. 

And they’re both huge poor sports! They gloat when they win and then they cry and throw tantrums when they lose!  On this last episode they acted like they were going to have to donate their fucking kidneys when they couldn’t bowl properly.  When is the last time BOWLING made anyone cry?  Probably not since Kingpin, and that shit was legit.

My one saving grace in the house is the lovely, snarky, hilarious Brittany.

Bless her heart ❤

I also love Lane

He looks and sounds like a big dumb oaf, but he’s also pretty funny.  He’s part of a bullshit alliance called “The Brigade” that I won’t get into, but he’s definitely the best part of it.  And when he and Brittany combine forces, they are a comedy duo that I’m so thankful for on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Fast forward to the 3:30 mark for the awesomeness : )

Anyways, that’s my stance on Big Brother thus far, it’s infuriating me beyond belief but I guess goddamn CBS is getting their precious ratings at the expense of my sanity.


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