Hot People vs Funny People

Have you ever given someone a compliment on the physical level to have them give you one back…on your personality?

I have.

It was a little disheartening, but because it was a friend I just took it the way that I take most information: As a confirmation of my awesomeness, and I adjusted my pony-tail to accommodate my new bigger head.

However, the fact remained, I called her hot, she called me funny. 

Last I knew,

                     nobody masturbated to a poster of hilarious.

Being funny is an important quality in people, according to: me, people I know, magazines, and some self-help books. Being hot is an important quality to everyone except for blind people, and even some of  them can tell if you’re not sexy.

When is the last time you were out and about and saw a stranger, and thought, ‘wow, that person looks very clever‘?  Chances are, instead of that, you rated them out of ten, based on their face and general fuckability. 

These two are hilarious. Not so much Carrot Top,  but Nikki Payne is funny as hell. I just picked Carrot Top cause he was the ugliest comedian I could think of.  These photos prove that even if you are the funniest person in the room, and your face is working against you, you are going home alone. Unless you planned ahead and brought roofies.

Then there’s the old, “Looks fade, so in the end you’ll be stuck with personality” argument.  This used to be a valid argument.  But have you noticed how people are aging these days? In short, they’re not. They are botoxed, restylaned, augmented, liposuctioned, peeled, gymed, moisturized and have made pacts with the devil.

The good-looking people are going to be that way forever, if they can afford it. Meanwhile, the funny words will be coming out of the ugly mouths until they’re dead.


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