Handsome Men And The Mutts They Claim As Their Lovers

What the fuck is up with hot guys and their ugly girlfriends?

Seriously, what happened?

I understand how they end up with the chubby/fat ones cause I’m sure they started off as skinny girls and then let all of the shared meals, or the ”I’m so happy I could eat a tub of icecream” feelings take over, but the ugly ones? Where is the logic there?

What kind of guy wants to be with someone who looks like they were the shovel fighting champion 3 years in a row?

I was out at a bar last night and I saw this ‘girl’ who looked like an aborted fetus that had sprouted legs and crawled out of a dumpster.  She went up to a good-looking guy, and start making out with him. I thought the Earth had stopped spinning. How did she get him?  Bribery? Drugs? Did she kidnap him? Is he really that drunk?

And here I am getting hit on by fat and old guys, watching this, and it’s making me sick.

Being hit on by fat guys is brutal. They think they have a chance, and it hurts my feelings. I don’t think I’m a super hot girl or anything like that, but I also don’t think that a guy would shower more than once after accidently sleeping with me.

Being hit on by an older guy you could assume they at least have money and will buy your drinks. The fat guy is saving his money so he can hit the drive-thru on the way home.

And the swamp donkeys are taking over the world.


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  1. 1

    heidikoot said,

    Hahaha! You are an evil evil woman.

  2. 2

    Justine said,

    You know what is the most disturbing part of that picture? not the teeth, not the scaring but the f-ing nose……………..wow……………..it’s almost been removed?

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